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  • is one of the best website, excellent service for consumer which was really helpful in my panic situation. I was struggling for refund for electronic product which was faulty supplied by seller almost for one month but when I registered my grievance on this website within 3 day's my issue was resolved.
    Satish Kamble, Thane
  • Very good website for any kind of issue. I got my money back from HP Gas after file complaint. After 2 times deduction from my account he told me that we only received one payment and ignore other transaction that's by I filed a case to consumer forum. After 3-4 days complaint money back to me by cash from HP Gas Agent at home. Money deducted from my account on date 23 Oct 2020 and received money after file a complaint otherwise they don't provide me money back. Thank you
    HP Gas
    Kaviraj Rai, Meerut
  • Thank you so much consumer-helpline team...refund has been credited in my account. I was complaining from 1 month to myntra but they were not ready to accept their fault. Very useful website/platform to hear the voice of the innocent people. At least try once this website if u get cheated by any online marketing.
    Meenakshi Sharma, Hisar
  • I filled complaint on this forum for tv replacement, with in two days my issue was resolved. Thank you for quick response.
    LG Electronics
    Yogesh Rao M., Calicut
  • Thanks to the incredible team of professionals, Recently I got my refund from goibibo after 3 months after putting a complaint in this forum.
    Sanchit Saha, Guwahati
  • Thanks, after consumer complaint, flipkart acted and refund my money for the wrong product delivery. I am struggling for 2 months with day and night follow-up with flipkart. Thanks for your action
    Nitin Sharma, Shimla
  • It's helpful. I had an issue with Max Fashion India which they were deliberately neglecting for about 4 months but complaining at the Did help me to solve the issue.
    Max Fashion
    Neha Swain, Jabalpur
  • One of the fastest services that I have ever seen. I registered my complaint on Sunday evening in this website and I got spice jet reply on Monday morning. Really really very fast response from the team.
    Pankaj Kumar, Hyderabad
  • Worked for me!! Been chasing with LG company from months and months and when I filed a complaint through the website, the company started chasing me for solving the grievance. Thank you
    LG Electronics
    Siddharth Agarwal, Indore
  • I tried to get Flipkart customer care to return a wrong product delivered to me, but their customer care turned out useless. Twice my return request was cancelled and so I finally decided to file a consumer complaint against Flipkart and I came across this I filed a complaint on this website and my was resolved. Worth it!
    Jatin Adwani, Bharuch
  • Very helpful website. I successfully got my phone repaired when i made a complain through this website. So quick response and step by step updates. Thank you for such a wonderful platform and service.
    Karun Kaushik, Patna
  • Excellent response for the issue through online. This website service is very fast and clear consumer issues as early as possible; my problem was cleared by within 4 days. THANKS TO THE WHOLE TEAM OF CONSUMER HELPLINE.
    The Body Shop
    Enkatesh Komera, Kannur
  • The amount has been refunded by OYO. Thanks for your service. I rate it excellent.
    OYO Rooms
    Nitish Sharma, Delhi
  • I am very happy that I contacted this website for my problem. They helped me in getting my refund from Amazon in a very short period of time.
    Abhishek Sharma, Gurugram
  • It was very hard to get response from share advisory company but legal notice from made them to refund the full amount along with Rs.5,000 compensation.
    R&D Research company
    Venkat K, Mumbai
  • The Legal Notice is a very efficient tool to make large organizations like Digital Age Retail Private Limited listen to your complaint and respond sensibly. I have received a full refund for my order.
    Rachna Mandal, Greater Noida
  • Yes, very recently. I ordered a product on printland. The date of the order was 15.10.2020 and was to be delivered on 25.10.2020. However, after several emails and talks with their customer executive, I was made only false promises about delivery or refund. Hence, I filed a complaint on this website. The Complaint was processed and the company finally shipped the product. Hence, please file a complaint about what it's worth.
    Prashant Manjarekar, Nashik
  • Yes, its works fantastically, I filled a complaint with Banks namely Axis Bank for avoiding the KYC Compilation. In this case, after pressed by Consumer-Helpline, they called me and ask “When you're free, we will come to you and will complete KYC” they completed the KYC on same Day. It's only this Grievances Platform who work tirelessly and dedicatedly.

    Axis Bank
    Dharmendar Singh, Patiala
  • There was a dispute between my house owner and Nestaway. My owner discontinued nestaway house maintenance contract. However, Nestaway kept calculating my rent on my name and started sending out legal notices to me. I raised multiple service request with nestaway. No response. I went for the support of consumer-helpline (, surprisingly Nestaway started looking into my issue and lastly got issue rectified.
    Mehak Arora, Greater Noida
  • I booked Videocon D2H online and did advance payment, but local installation mechanic never turned up for the installation and he even denied the service while trying to reach him. I informed the same to Videocon, they, as usual, did not care and not reverted by advance money. After waiting for 30 days, I then filed my complaint against them on I almost lost hope on Videocon, but within 7 days surprisingly Videocon started working on my case and finally returned my money. I had to pay a very minimal amount to my given Advocate for support. Finally, I am happy with the support given to me.
    Videocon D2H
    Preeti SIngh, Ahmedabad
  • I had an issue with Freshmenu. I ordered food from Freshmenu, but later on, quickly cancelled the order (Order was prepaid). They sent me the message of refunding the amount in next 4 to 5 days. But 2 months passed and after getting tired of sending emails and connecting calls, the refund was not issued. Finally, I approached consumer-helpline and they helped me to get the refund issued.

    Alok Singh, Pune
  • I ordered an item from Snapdeal, delivery boy called me but I failed to receive the call. Next minute I received message that “Your order has been delivered.” I shocked after seeing this. I quickly complained about this with Snapdeal. They said, we will do our investigation and then we will assist you with refund. But days spent and no resolution done. I complained to, and guess what, within two days I received the refund.

    Deepika Chauhan, New Delhi
  • Thank you for the help. You guys are doing a marvelous job. I have not seen any such portal that can resolve consumer issues so quickly without giving any kind of trouble to the already tensed and cheated consumers.
    Debojit Saha, Bhopal
  • I had raised a complaint with Consumer Helpline on their website and the complaint was handled by them. They ensured that they will get my full amount of Rs 93,000 refunded and they really proved it and resolved my problem. I am very happy to get this help to solve the issue in such a short time.
    Satish Kapoor, Faridabad
  • Heartfelt thanks to for helping to resolve my issue. The seller called me and apologized for the error which was caused because of miscommunication.
    Gauri Shankar, New Delhi
  • The is a safe and trustful website and victim customer feels free to submit a consumer complaint with this website. This consumer complaint website will try to get back with a solution or forward the complaint to the concerned company. Anyway, nowadays mostly consumer has got aware.
    Vinod Bhaskaran, Bengaluru
  • A number of times I tried to get a refund from a famous hotel chain but they did not bother. But after I approached, they nicely handled the matter and I got my refund. I am thankful to the team for such a quick support.
    Jennifer Lee, Guwahati
  • The Legal Notice is a very efficient tool to make large organizations listen to your complaint and respond sensibly. I have received a full refund for my order.
    Manjeet Bisht, Shimla

How to get Consumer Helpline support for resolving Consumer Complaints

Consumer Helpline is the most preferred Online Consumer Complaint Forum which facilitates the consumers to file consumer complaints against brands quickly. It is an easy to use online platform to register consumer complaints, seek legal advice and get justice. We are Lawyer of Consumer Court in Noida to resolve consumer complaints against fraud and scams. An Online Consumer Complaint Forum in Noida.

Our legal experts and empanelled Advocates draft the complaint and send legal notice to the concerned company to resolve the dispute. This helps the consumers very effectively in fighting against fraud and unresponsive customer service. It also provides the legal solution to prepare and file complaints in the appropriate consumer court or a consumer forum.

What we do?

The Complaint explains the defective goods and/or service, as well as the compensation and relief sought by you. Consumer Courts in Noida are distinct from other courts and were founded solely to provide relief to consumers; as a result, we are well-known for providing prompt and effective legal assistance. Consumer Helpline is an online forum for consumer complaints in Noida. It enables users to swiftly lodge consumer complaints against brands. It assists the user in combating fraud and ineffective customer care. We resolve customer complaints in Noida by leveraging social media, business networks, and legal frameworks. Additionally, it provides a means of preparing consumer complaints about submission to a consumer court or consumer forum.